September 11, 2012

Tuesday September 11, 2012
Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 PM

There were 54 people (including 6 ‘new bees’) present.
The president, Brian Campbell, welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 7:35 pm

  • There were no minutes to approve as our last meeting was the Field Day at Terra Nova Park. Brian commented on the success of this event and thanked everyone for their contributions to the great potluck that was enjoyed by all!
  • Brian asked the visitors and new members to introduce themselves.
  • We have instituted a “new” sign-in sheet at the door and members and guests were reminded to sign in when they arrive.  We would like a volunteer to greet people at the door and remind them to sign in. Guests are welcome to one free meeting before making a commitment to join the club.
  • Amanda Goodman Lee was introduced as the new treasurer.  Amanda reminded us that membership dues must be paid by January.  As a special bonus to encourage members to get their dues paid up early there will be a membership raffle this year.  Amanda and her husband Jeff are contributing a beautifully unique and very practical “Bee Mobile” to be raffled at the December meeting (Xmas party) for all members who are paid up at that time.  The Bee Mobile was handcrafted by Amanda and Jeff and designed with utmost functionality in mind, each piece has a purpose!   New members were reminded that if they pay in the fall, the membership will include the rest of 2012 as well as 2013.  The Bee Mobile will be a highly desired prize so make sure you get your dues paid up early this year to be eligible to win!!
  • Stephanie Imhoff has designed a new website for the club and she gave us a short overview of its organization.  The address of the new website is The website has info about meetings, membership, club activities, and links to many other resources as well as bee related businesses.
  • Stephanie will also be revamping our club newsletter, giving it a slightly new look using MailChimp.
  • The listserv needs improvement to be more effective and easy for members to join and participate.
  • Brian made a number of announcements about upcoming courses and events
  • The Introductory Beekeeping course taught by Jacquie Bunse and Paul Westendorp through Kwantlen College will be offered at West Vancouver Secondary School over a three day weekend Sept 21- Sept 23  (details through API education consultants)
  • The Langley Bee club is putting on their annual Fall Educational Symposium. It will be held at Campbell’s Gold on September 29th, preregistration is required and can be made through Campbell’s Gold.
  • The BC Honey Producers Association will be holding their annual conference in Kamloops this year on November 8-10.  There is a great line up of speakers based on the theme ‘Innovation in Apiculture’.  The conference always includes the popular “Honey contest” (ed. note:  last year’s winners were all from the RBA !)  For more information and registration go to the BCHPA website.
  • The Western Apiculture Society (American organization spanning Washington, California Idaho and BC) is having its annual conference in Seattle from Oct 4-6. More info available on the wesite.
  • Club mentoring was very popular last year and will be continuing between January and June.  Topics being planned include frame building and installing packages into your hive.  If you have a topic of interest please ask Brian or Lianne.  If you would like to present something they would also be very interested in hearing from you.  The mentorship sessions will be 45 minutes before the main meeting.  In the spring we are also planning some Saturday morning workshops for more in depth topics, such as queen rearing, so we can all improve our skills.
  • Brian reminded members that we have an honor system at coffee break  and those having tea or coffee should leave a small donation.  Treats are also appreciated if you have time to make or bring something.
  • Brian discussed the progress of the Skookum Bee Project which was started last spring.  The goal is to develop an infrastructure for ‘local bee production’.  Locally adapted bees will have better resistance and improved coping mechanisms for wintering in this environment. An area at the Terra Nova farm has been set as a mating yard. To participate in the mating program, bees must have overwintered for the last two winters without any treatments, they must be good honey producers, gentle and easy to work with as well as show traits of hygienic behaviors. Brian gave an overview of numbers of participants, mated queens and other general info. It was mentioned that in the spring there may be a special workshop to help members understand how the mating yard works and how to use it.
  • After the coffee break  Brian gave a short overview of the hive transition from summer into fall and suggested management techniques and tips for this time of year. This was followed by a panel discussion where members were welcome to ask their own questions and seek advice.  The panel consisted of three very experienced beekeepers: Ric Erikson, Axel Krause and Garret Wilkinson. Many questions were asked and some lively discussion ensued.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm. The next meeting will be on October 9th .