April 9, 2013

Minutes for Tuesday, April 9/2013
Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 PM

There were 61 people (including 7 “newbees”) present.
The president, Brian Campbell, welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm

  • Motion made by Steve Bailey to accept the March minutes. Motion seconded by Jeff Lee.
  • 7 “newbees”  were introduced and each gave their connection and interest in bee keeping.
  • Wayne Neidig,  President of the BCHPA gave us a report on the Semi-Annual Meeting and Educational Workshop that was held in Kamloops on  March 15 /16
    • There was no controversial news to report but a very productive day of informational reports from the many reps and committees.
    • Plans were put in place for  “Day of the Honey Bee” (May 29, 2013)… info is on the website and Wayne suggested many ways to get involved.
    • The 2013 Conference and AGM will be held in Kelowna from October 25 – 27.  It will be a great educational opportunity.  There are already over a dozen speakers lined up from topics such as Basic Beekeeping to Queen Rearing with Sue Cobey.
    • There was also discussion of the high losses that were generally experienced this year.
  • Jeff Lee , our local Metro Vancouver Rep also gave a report.
    • He outlined the mystery  “nosema like”  problem that has so far been unidentified.   Paul van Westendorp , the Provincial apiculturist,  is processing samples but the cause is still not identified.
    • Jeff gave a short outline of some of the educational seminars on the second day of the conference.  John Gibeau from the Honey Bee center gave an interesting talk on his many beekeeping involvements around the world.  Past president, Stan Reist  gave an informative talk on overwintering for Nucs.  Eric Stromgren talked about advanced backyard beekeeping.  Liz Huxter gave a presentation on spring & summer nuc making.
    • Jeff also outlined info given from a rep of the PMRA (Provincial Pest Management Regulatory Agency).   Issues have arisen regarding materials that are not allowed in Canada and have come across the border from the US.  Beekeepers must assure they are using authorized pesticides.
  • Eric Crosby reminded everyone about the planned Skookum Bee Workshops.
    • Five different workshops have been confirmed and the cost is $30/ workshop,  all information is on the BCbees listserve and in the newsletter.
  • After a coffee break and draw for door prizes Wayne Neidig gave a talk on “Swarming”.  Wayne is a very knowledgeable beekeeper, President of the BCHPA and writes the Bee Keeper Basics blog of the BCHPA website.
    • Wayne’s talk was very interesting and well received.  He talked about the two types of swarms, the reasons for swarming, signs of swarming and some of the possible solutions to avert swarming.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 9:00
  • The next meeting will be on Tuesday May 14th at 7:30 pm.