September 10, 2013

Minutes for Tuesday, September 10/2013
Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 PM

There were 75 people present.
The president, Brian Campbell, welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm

  • Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction
    • Brian welcomed the participants and gave opening remarks.
    • At this time each of the visitors “newbees” introduced themselves and shared their connections +/or reasons for attending the RBA.
  • Motion
    • to approve minutes of the May meeting
    • motion made by Kelly McNeil, seconded by Hugh Mawby
    • Carried
  • Introduction of Executive
    • Brian introduced all present members of the executive
      Vice President        –   Lianne Shyry
      Treasurer                –   Amanda Goodman Lee
      Secretary                –    Miriam Soet
      Newsletter Editor    –    Stephanie Imhoff
    • VP, Lianne also welcomed us and encouraged all members to get to know each other and share the vast cumulative knowledge we have as a group
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Funds in account at the end of August:            $5366.00
    • Amanda also gave a breakdown of monies from spring workshops
      • all workshops ran but 2 were below minimum registration numbers
      • Total Revenue…….$2070.00
      • Expenses…………….instructors ($600 Eric/ $600 others)…..$1200.00
      • Net revenue to club……………$870.00
  • Motion
    • All workshops were held at Richmond Sharing Farm
    • Amanda brought forward a motion to  “donate $400.00 from workshop revenues to the Richmond sharing farm In lieu of space rental”
    • Seconded by Stephanie Imhoff
    • Carried
    • Net revenue from workshops becomes $870.00-400   =   $470.00
  • Membership Dues
    • Dues paid at this time will be applied to remainder of 2013 and through until December 2014.
    • Family membership has been discontinued, each family member must pay individual membership.
    • Membership fees to increase from $20.00 to $25.00 in January (2014 fees paid before January will still be charged 2013 rate)
  • Thank You and Acknowledgements
    • Brian expressed thanks to Lee Woods, our swarm coordinator, for a very successful summer season.
    • Thanks were also made to Ray Wehom for fixing the club Honey Extractor.
      • The honey extractor can be obtained from Ray at 778-233-9535
  • Summer Conference
    • A number of our members were attendees at the “Treatment Free Conference” in Portland, Oregon last summer.
    • attendees were introduced so others could engage them with questions during the break.
    • Wayne Neidig, president of the BCHPA, gave a short overview of the new book  ‘History of Honey in BC’.  It is for sale for $29.95.
    • Wayne also gave an overview and reminder about the 2013 BCHPA Conference and AGM.
      • This year’s theme is “Hive and  Thrive”.
      • It will be held in Kelowna from Oct 24-26.
      • There will be 11 speakers , a wine & cheese and banquet, all were encouraged to attend, more info available on line @
  • Raffle
    • Draws were made with members winning a strainer, honey, mite board,  lip balms etc.
  • (Post Break) Presentation
    • Our post break presentation was a panel of 3 very experienced beekeepers giving their advice and  tips for Fall Management.
    • The panel was made up of Tim Monohan, Scott Gordon and Gerry McKee.
    • Their presentations were followed by discussion and questions from the members.
  • Motion to Adjourn 9:15……Carried
  • Next Meeting : Tuesday October 8, 2013