February 11, 2014

Minutes for Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 PM

There were 62 people present.
The president, Amanda Goodman Lee, welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm

  1. Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction
    • Amanda welcomed the participants and gave opening remarks and introduced the executive team.
    • 4  “Newbees” were introduced
    • Amanda announced that we would be sending out a survey to all members and asked that members provide feedback regarding the club and its activities.
    • Amanda announced that newsletter contributions may be made by any member, and that the information should be sent to Lianne or Amanda by no later than the 15th of each month.
    • A request for a “coffee person” back-up was made and Barb Radlegruber volunteered.
    • The club will make a purchase of BCHPA nutritional labels for honey.  Members can purchase these from the club.  Approximate price is 1.5₵ each.
    • A thank you to Darlene for arranging the Iotron order and giving an info session on how to prepare your hive equipment.
  2. Motion
    • to approve minutes of the January meeting
    • motion made by Steve Bailey, seconded by Barb Radlegruber
    • Carried
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    • Funds in account at the end of January $6452.93
  4. Further Announcements made by Lianne Shyry, Vice President.
    • Bulk order for pollen patties, please contact Lindsay Dault with your order, by February 15.
    • Paul Van Westendorp gave brief opinion on pollen patties- not necessarily for hobby beekeepers unless you want to stimulate brood development.  Stimulating brood also stimulates mites, so be aware.
    • Club logo search- we would like a logo possibly for bookmarks, t-shirts, etc. and we are asking for member contributions.  Please submit your logo design by mid May, they will be voted on during the field day in June.
    • There is a library of bee publications and other materials at the front the members may borrow and return.
  5. Beekeeper needed

    • there is a lady in Port Kells that is looking to qualify for Agricultural status and would like some beehives on her property.  If you are interested, please contact Amanda for further details.
  6. Jeff Lee announced

    • Julia Common got a grant for Hives for Humanity, congratulations to her!
    • New Zealand Aritaki and Kintails bee packages are coming in March and are available from Bartel for $165/ package.  Contact Jeff for further details.
  7. Ric Erickson

    • showed his “long house” mason bee houses.  These are being built through a partnership between Beefriendly and a Native youth society.  These can be purchased $60/ small house, $120/ large house, with profits going to both societies.  Contact Ric and Beefriendly for further details.
  8. Raffle and Coffee Break
  9. Presentation:   Paul Van Westendorp
    • Paul is the BC provincial apiculturist.
    • Paul spoke about beekeeping practice and general, about IPM and about the controversy of allowing US packages of bees into Canada.
    • Paul mentioned the resources online at http://www.agf.gov.bc.ca/apiculture/
    • Please register your bees with the ministry, and please participate in the spring survey available on the ministry site.
  10. Motion:  to Adjourn 9:00…… Carried
  11. Next Meeting:March 11, 2014