March 11, 2014

Minutes for Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 PM

There were 64 people present.
Meeting called to order at 7:28 pm.

  1. Welcome : Motion
    • to approve minutes from the January meeting
    • motion made by Jeff Lee and seconded by Barbara Oakey
    • Carried
  2. Opening Remarks and Introduction
    • Two “Newbees” were introduced
    • Julia Common spoke on the Bee Masters course held at UBC in February 2014.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    • Funds in account at the end of month…$6503.16
  4. Wasps
    • Open discussion on the importance of wasp traps at this time of year to capture the queen wasps.
  5. BCHPA March Meeting (March 15-16)
    • Jeff Lee spoke on BCHPA meeting in Kamloops on March 15-16
  6. Jerry McKee
    • Jerry Mckee discussed a round table with the Senate in Ottawa happening soon. This is regarding neonics, binding agents and the effects on honey bee crops.
  7. Grouse Mountain Bees
    • Kelly McNeil asked if any beekeepers would be interested in putting a hive on Grouse Mountain with him. All interested should talk to him directly.
  8. Pollinators and queens
    • Steve Bayley spoke about Sue Colby’s talk in Washington on bee breeding. Sarah Common discussed the progression on projects in Vancouver with Pollinator Pathways.
  9. Coffee Break & Raffle
  10. Presentation: Panel Discussion about Spring Beekeeping
    • Garrett Wilkinson, Julia Common and Gux Axen provided a comical yet informative panel on spring maintenance and what we should be seeing in the hive. Lianne Shyry was the mediator directing questions.
  11. Motion to Adjourn: 9:20…Carried
  12. Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 8, 2014