April 8, 2014

Minutes for Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 PM

There were 75 people present.
Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm.

  1. Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction
    • 1 “Newbees” were in attendance
  2. Motion
    • to approve and adopt minutes of the March meeting
    • motion made by Hugo Palle, seconded by Hugh Mawby
    • Carried
  3. Notes of Interest From President Amanda Goodman Lee
    • Resident in Richmond would like a hive in their yard at #1 rd and Williams, if anyone needs a home for a hive they will provide the yard
    • Nutrition labels for sale $0.02 each
    • We will be doing a survey via Survey Monkey
    • We need help with the newsletter, anyone that’s interested in taking part please see Amanda or Stephanie for more info.
  4. Report From Vice President-Lianne Shyry
    • The tentative date for the field day is June 14
    • We still need people to submit logos for the RBA, we would like to judge them at the field day and pick a winner. Anyone and everyone, please submit!!!
    • May 29 is the official Day of the Honey Bee, celebration will be held on May 30. There are markets around town that will have small events. Gus Axen will be at Trout Lake Market, and could use a hand anyone interested please contact someone from the executive.
    • Jeff Lee suggested doing the paper work to proclaim May 29 “the Day of the Honeybee” through all municipalities.
  5. Treasurer’s Report
    • Funds in account at the end of month…$6886.16
  6. Member at large Tim Monaghan spoke Re: Guest Speaker:
    • Tim Monaghan has contacted Michael Bush to see if he can come do a seminar with the club (and possibly join Langley club)
    • It will cost $125.00/day and we will have to provide all travel expenses and accommodations. Total being approx $2000.00.
    • We would sell tickets to have him come just to cover the cost of the expenses. We will need a location to hold this event.
  7.  BCHPA Semi-Annual Report-Jeff Lee
    • Jeff reported on the topics covered at the BCHPA Semi Annual meeting in Kamloops. Classes were held on swarms and queen rearing. Discussions about the boarder not being reopened to the US for honeybees and the standardization of beekeeping instruction that’s trying to be implemented.
  8. Coffee Break & Raffle
  9. Presentation on Swarms by Heather Higo
    • An amazing an informative presentation on everything to do with swarms.
  10. Motion to Adjourn: 9:05pm Carried
  11. Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 13, 2014