September 9, 2014

Minutes for Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 PM

There were 71 people in attendance.
Meeting called to order at 7:34 pm.

  1. Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction
    • 7 “Newbees” were introduced and in attendance
  2. Motion
    • to approve minutes of the May meeting
    • motion made by Cooper Walls, seconded by Hugh Mawby
    • Carried
  3. Honey Flow
    • A round table on how everyone’s hives did for honey this year, overall it seemed honey flow was lower this year. However, that was very dependent on location.
  4. BCHPA Annual General Meeting
    • This year’s AGM will be held in Richmond BC at the Delta hotel from September 25-27, 2014. This year there will be more of a focus on the practical beekeeping, and we can expect some great speaker’s right across the board.
  5. Michael Bush
    • Tim Monaghan has done a stand up job organizing the day class with Michael Bush, we have 90 tickets sold (as of September 9), leaving only 10 more seats available. The date for that is October 18, at the PNE.
  6. Iotron
    • The Langley Bee Club will be doing an early Iotron run this year, expected to be in October or November, details to come.
  7. Wasps
    • It’s that time of year, keep an eye out for them, and set up traps as necessary. Pheromone based liquid traps seem to be the ticket!
  8. Master Beekeeping Course Online
    • Brian Saunders discussed his success with taking the University of Montana’s online Journeyman Beekeeping course. It’s a 9 week course that is relatively demanding, but a great idea if you want to take your beekeeping to the next level.
  9. RBA Logo Vote tonight
    • AND THE WINNER WAS…….Stephanie Imhoff’s design, Congratulations!
  10. Treasurer’s Report
    • Funds in account at the end of month…$7997.76
  11. Honey Bee Health
    • Jerry Mckee updated us on what is happening with the round table talks on honey bee health, a meeting will be held on October 3, 2014. More info at the next meeting.
  12. Thank you
    • Hugh Mawby gave a big thank you to all the organizers and speakers that the field day, even in the rain it was a success. Thank you to Eric Crosby, Garrett Wilkinson and Jacquie Bunse for taking your time to educate us.
  13. Coffee Break & Raffle
  14. Presentation: Allen Garr
    • All the things you need to know on preparing your hive for winter. Your season starts now! Prepare you hives accordingly.
  15. Motion to Adjourn: 9:20 Carried
  16. Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 13, 2014