May 12, 2015

Minutes for Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 PM

There were 53 people in attendance.
Meeting called to order at 7:32 pm.

  1. Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction
    • 2 “Newbees” were introduced
  2. Motion
    • to approve minutes of the April meeting
    • motion made by Brian Saunders, seconded by Fiona Gold
    • Carried
  3. Opening Remarks and Introduction
    • Survey Monkey has gone out-only 28% have responded, please fill in by June 7, as that is the deadline.
    • Day of the honeybee is May 29, there are a number of events going on around town that you can attend or help out at.
    • June field day is June 20 at Terra Nova Sharing Farm. It’s a potluck, so please bring something delicious to share. This will happen rain or shine.
    • EXTRACTOR UPDATE: Miriam and Eric have a new 4 frame extractor, it’s motorized!! Please call Miriam to organize the pickup/rental of it. 604-298-5863, this info is also on the website
    • On May 30 Campbells Gold is hosting the IPM Course taught by Heather Higo. It’s $25 each and well worth the ticket price.
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    • Funds in account at the end of month…$7739
  5. Panel discussion on April 28, 2015
    • Tim Monaghan went over the meeting that we had on April 28. A panel of speakers came in for a talk about navigating herbicides, pesticides and neonics. It was a great speaking engagement with 20+ speakers present.
  6. Early Season warning
    • Because everything is blooming 2-3 weeks early everyone is encouraged to plant pollinating blended flowers. West coast Seeds has some great options.
  7. Petition
    • Fiona Gold spoke briefly about the petition she’s writing with regards to neonics
  8. Coffee Break & Raffle
  9. Presentation: Paul van Westendorp
    • Paul spoke on AFB, top bar hives and pesticides/neonics
  10. Motion to Adjourn: 9:03… Carried
  11. Next Meeting: Field day: June 20 at Terra Nova

April 14, 2015

Minutes for Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 PM

There were 63 people in attendance.
Meeting called to order at 7:39 pm.

  1. Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction
    • Introductions
    • Motion to approve minutes from last meeting. Made by Steve Bailey, seconded by Leslie Williams.
    • Carried
    • We had 4 new bees in attendance!
  2. Special Extra Meeting

    • Amanda and Fiona Gold announced a special meeting on Tuesday April 28th, presenting information on Neonicotinoids and the recent developments toward stricter regulation in Ontario.  Lisa Gue, an environmental scientist working for the David Suzuki Foundation, and Gwen Bartlett, of the Western Wilderness Committee, will be presenting.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    • Chequing account…$6092
    • GIC…$2000
    • Total funds….$8127.39
  4. Extractor
    • There was a discussion regarding the purchase of a new extractor.  The old one has been repaired and will be kept as a backup. Steve Bailey who has kindly made the repairs, suggested purchasing a new one with a belt drive versus gears that may wear.
    • Motion to purchase a 4 frame extractor valued $600-800 was made by Miram, seconded by Eric.
  5. Tom Seeley
    • Tim announced that unfortunately Tom Seeley is unable to attend Vancouver in April 2016, for a presentation.
    • Tim asked that the membership provide names of speakers they might like to see present.  The upcoming RBA survey will provide an opportunity to do so.
  6. Survey Monkey
    • Amanda discussed the survey that has been made, it will be sent out to all good standing members.
  7. BCHPA update
    • Jeff Lee announced an upcoming lecture by Heather Higo on Integrated Pest Managment- May 30, 1pm.  Please refer to the BCHPA website for more details.
  8. Iotron update
    • Darlene announced that the Iotron run was successful and that there would be 2 more runs in the fall.
  9. Eric Crosby
    • 5 frame nucs available in 2 weeks.
  10. Coffee Break & Raffle at 8:10pm
  11. Presentation: Learning Station Rotation

    • Steve Bailey and Mike- How to make split and build boxes
    • Eric Crosby- Making Queens
    • Julia Common- Beginner Basics
    • Jeff Lee- How to make a Swarm Kit
    • Tim Monaghan- Treatment Free Beekeeping Management
  12. Motion to Adjourn: 9:10… Carried
  13. Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 12, 2015