May 10, 2016

Minutes for: May 10, 2016

Meeting Start time: 7:34pm

Total # of people in Attendance: 51               New Bees: 3

Opening Remarks by Tim Monaghan:

  1. Tonight we will start our mentor night, the 30 minute coffee break will have 2 members answering questions and fielding discussions about what ever you’d like to discuss. Tonight’s mentors will be Steve Bailey and Jeff Lee.
  2. Our membership has reached its highest number of paid members in the clubs history at 135.
  3. Due to the large number of members the parking lot fills up very quickly, there is extra parking at the back of the building which we encourage members to use if possible.
  4. Iotron: Darlene mentioned a concern with the iotron runs, in that you can only take equipment there when the club organizes a run, otherwise you will have to pay the minimum run fee of $425.

Motion: To approve minutes from the last meeting, by a show of hands.

Minutes approved.

  1. Alan Garr spoke about the day of the Honey Bee, May 29th. There will be a table at the Trout Lake market, anybody interested in volunteering for an hour or the whole event is encouraged to come out and educate the public about the benefits of bees and all pollinators.

Also anyone interested in participating in any Day of the Honeybee event is encouraged to do so!!

  1. Fiona Gold is our step in Treasurers while Miriam is biking across our vast country. The total balance in our account is $9087.36. We made a $500 donation to the Nature House for using the facility and purchased speakers gifts and name tags valued at $139.59.
  2. Website: Tim reviewed a proposal and showed examples of the Ontario Bee Clubs website, which would provide members and the public with more information about the club and honey bees in general. Anna and Andrew have given us a quote to build and develop the website on wordpress for $750 and do our logo for $250.

Motion: To approve the project to redo our website

Motion made by Alan Garr and seconded by Hugh Mawby

All in favor: Approved

  1. This years summer field day will be held at Wagner Hills Farm on June 12, 2016. This is located at 8061 264th Street in Langley. This field day will be organized by the Langley Bee Club. More information will be distributed as it is provided to us.
  2. BCHPA AGM: We need volunteers to make the AGM run, this is an amazing fundraiser for the Richmond Bee Club. Please sign up at the front desk at any of our meetings or by contacting Tim Monaghan, our president. This years AGM will run from Oct 14, 15, 16.

Vote: To continue the extended coffee breaks with the mentor session

All in Favor, by a show of hands:

Approved: long coffee breaks will continue.

Tonight’s Speakers:

Lesley Williams and Brian Campbell spoke about Planting for Bees and other pollinators, giving us a great insight into what we should be planting in our gardens to help provide our bees with nectar and pollen sources all year long.

Meeting commenced at 9:04pm

Next meeting on September 13, 2016

September 12, 2016

Minutes for: September 12, 2016

Meeting Start time: 7:41pm

Total # of people in Attendance: 61 New Bees: 4

Opening Remarks by Tim Monaghan:

  • Introduction of the newbees and a few brief words

Treasurers Report by Miriam Soet:

  • We have $5400 in our account, with a $4000 loan made to the BCHPA to cover cost of the convention preparation. This will be reimbursed one the conference is over.

Tim Monaghan:

  • Minutes from May 9, our last meeting, an ask was made if any corrections are required, with no show of hands minute from May 9, 2016 are approved.
  • Website: The website has been put on the backburner until after the AGM in mid October.
  • Logo: We will be distributing 3 samples of the new logo so we can choose as a club which one we want. This will happen after the AGM.
  • A brief introduction of the BCHPA AGM by Tim, occurring Oct 13,14,15 and 16th.

Jeff Lee, BCHPA Vice President, discussed the layout and speakers of the AGM. He also gave a big thank you to the RBA for organizing the event. This years AGM will be a 2 day education running Saturday and Sunday for workshops. It will focus on the hobbyist, serious sideliners and some commercial.

Tim Monaghan encouraged all members to contribute to the AGM. We need bottles of wine for the wine wall, jars of honey for the honey wall and volunteers for a variety of positions during the conference. Wine and honey can be brought to the next meeting. We can potentially raise $10,000 for the club. We are also in need of silent auction items, please contact the executive to let us know what you can bring.

Fiona Gold discussed the volunteer positions and asked those that can help to sign up on the sheets on the wall. If you volunteer for 6-8 hours you get free registration & lunches. Please contact Fiona if you have any questions.

We need hives for the function for display purposes including:

  • Flow hive
  • Skep
  • Warre
  • Top Bar
  • Cathedral
  • Observation
  • Langstroth

These will be displayed in the lobby area of the convention.

Tickets for the BCHPA AGM can be purchased online through eventbrite, or at the event. Our goal is to have 175-200 people at the education days. So far 35% of tickets have been sold.

Tim Monaghan made another quick reminder prior to the break to please bring honey and wine to the next meeting.

Speaker tonight was Brian Campbell who gave a very informative and interesting talk on wasps.

Meeting wrapped up at 9:30pm