November 8, 2016

Minutes for: November 8, 2016

Meeting Start time: 7:30pm

Total # of people in Attendance: 47

  1. Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction
    Tim welcomed the participants and 4 ‘newbees’ were introduced.
  2. Motion
    -motion to approve October minutes will be held over until next meeting as it needs amending.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    Funds in account as of today’s meeting           $9062.31.
  4. BCHP
    1. Tim gave a number of reflections on the conference
      1. attendance was down 30% from last year translating to about 20%   less in revenues
      2. expenses were also more than expected (Eventbrite fee, Facebook advertising , hotel costs higher in lower mainland etc.)
      3. net for club will be closer to $5000 rather than earlier projections
    2. Jeff Lee thanked the RBA for the excellent job in hosting the conference
      1. Accolades to organization and success of conference.
      2. Special thanks and presentations were made to Tim Monoghan, Fiona Gold, Christina Faminoff , and Terry Frounfelker
      3. Jeff also mentioned he has extra books by speaker/author Larry Conner on sale
      4. He also has 4 extra refractometers from Kerry Clarke for sale
  5. March 10/11 , Semi Annual BCHPA in Kamloops
    Jeff Lee encouraged members to consider going to this conference.
  6. Bees and Beers
    1. Scott Meixner and Shaidah Karim will take over the organization for this event.
      1. Future get togethers will be held at Dublin Crossing Pub (near Cambie Line sky train Marine station on 4th Tuesday of each month.
  7. Ian Rokeby
    Has used beekeeping equipment for sale, please contact   ‘’ if interested
  8. Candle making Workshop
    Tim requested volunteers to organize and lead but since no one available, this activity will be skipped over this year.
  9. Raffle
    Draws were made with members cups, frames, book and other assorted items.
  10. (post Break) Speaker Presentation – Jacqueline Freeman
    Author of the book ‘Song of Increase’ gave an excellent talk. She focused on listening to the wisdom of honey bees for kinder and more intuitive bee keeping and a better world!
  11. Meeting adjourned at 9:20
  12. Next Meeting : Tuesday December 13, 2016 – Christmas party!