Minutes for January 10, 2017

Minutes for: January 10, 2017

Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 pm

There were 57 people in attendance.

Meeting called to order at 7:39 pm.

  1. Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction by Tim Monaghan
  1. Motion
    • to approve minutes of the November meeting
    • If there are no correction minutes will be approved
    • Approved
  1. Amendment to the November minutes
    • There was an error on the November minutes with regards to the logo voting. Due to the majority of members choosing 1 single logo we have decided do not do a revote as stated in the November minutes.
    • Corrections Approved?
    • Approved
  1. New Bees Introduced
    • 4 in attendance
  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • Income statement was distributed to members
    • Membership is up 54%!!!
    • We had an income of $5077.59 from the BCHPA conference
    • Total Members equity is $13643.36
  1. Motion
    • Move that we amend the 2016 budget presented by the Treasurer to add the $1,000 budget approved in 2016 for the website as an accrual to the 2016 budget.
    • Made by Hugh Mawby, seconded by Eric Crosby
    • Motion approved.
  1. President’s Report for 2016
    • Successes included the following:
      • Hosting BCHPA to bring in extra funds for the club
      • Name Tags
      • An awesome Christmas party, best one yet for those of you that missed it!
      • Great speakers all season
      • RBA logo is in final design stages
      • Expansion of monthly newsletter to provide more useful information to members
      • Membership up to 155 members in 2016.
    • Semi-Successes
      • The website is almost done, in the final stage.
    • Failures
      • No candle making workshop in 2016
  1. Iotron
    • Darlene spoke about our 2017 iotron run. We will be doing run on feb 6-9 (drop off) with a pickup on the following Monday. And a run on March 27-30, with a pickup on the following Monday. Info on iotron and the process is on our club website.
  1. Purchase Suggestions for 2017
    • Motion: For RBA to Purchase a Laptop (Acer Computer at Best Buy is on sale for $500, includes all software)
      • Motion approved.
      • All in favor, motion approved.
    • Motion: To bring in Kirk Webster for a 2 day seminar on Oct 14-15, held at the PNE grounds as we did with Michael Bush.
      • Eric Crosby moved that we go ahead with the planning of this event, Steve Bayley seconded it.
      • Motion: To bring Don Studinsky to Vancouver, similar to what we did with Michael Bush, date would be Feb 18 or 25th, estimated cost is $5800, for which we would sell tickets to cover.
      • All in Favor raise their hands
      • Motion approved.
  1. 2017 President’s Award: Tim awarded Mike Munro and Steve Bailey with Life Memberships for their commitment to the club and it’s member, their willingness to help with anything and everything, and for always bringing us donuts. Thank you guys!
  2. Elections: Hosted by Hugh Mawby
  • Nomination for Presidency:
    • First Nominee is Fiona Gold
    • 3 calls were made for other nominations
    • With no other nominations Fiona Gold will be our new President.
  • Nomination for Vice President:
    • First Nominee is Eric Crosby
    • 3 calls were made for other nominations
    • With no other nominations Eric Crosby will be our new Vice President.
  • Nomination for Secretary:
    • First Nominee is Christina Faminoff
    • 3 calls were made for other nominations
    • With no other nominations Christina Faminoff will be our new Secretary.
  • Nomination for Treasurer:
    • First Nominee is Miriam Soet
    • 3 calls were made for other nominations
    • With no other nominations Miriam Soet will remain as Treasurer.
  • Nomination for Members at Large:
    • First Nominee is Lesley Williams
    • Second Nominee is Shaidah Karim
    • Third Nominee is Winston Wong
    • 3 calls were made for other nominations
    • With no other nominations Lesley Williams, Shaidah Karim and Winston Wong will be our new members at large
  • Nomination for Communications manager:
    • First Nominee is Ian Cavén
    • 3 calls were made for other nominations
    • With no other nominations Ian Cavén will be our new Communications Manager.
  • Congratulations to our NEW EXECUTIVE!!! Thank you for volunteering your time to keep our club running at full tilt!
  1. Coffee Break & Raffle
  2. Presentation: Panel speaking with
    • Thomas Schmitz
    • Derek Lawrence
    • Eric Crosby
    • Steve Bayley
    • Questions were moderated by Allen Garr. The theme was Winter/Spring management
  1. Motion to Adjourn: 9:45… Carried
  2. Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 14,2016