Minutes for February 14, 2017

Minutes for: February 14th, 2017

Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 pm

There were 55 people in attendance.

Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm.

  1. Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction by Fiona Gold

    • Introduction of new executive, and thanks for taking an active role in the RBA. All members are encouraged to contribute.

  1. Approval of January 10th, 2017 Minutes

    • Motion to approve January 2017 minutes by Jeff Lee, seconded by Miriam Soet

    • Carried

  1. Treasurer’s Report

    • Funds in account to date $13,027.00

    • Miriam discussed proposed 2017 budget

    • Motion to approve 2017 budget by Blair Trenholme, seconded by Ian Rockeby

    • Carried

  1. Speaker/Presentation changes: March and April

    • Lori Weidenhammer (Victory Gardens for Bees) will speak at April 11th 2017 meeting

    • March 14th, 2017 will be Queen Grafting, Rearing, Swarming, Splitting

  1. Iotron

    • Darlene Scribilo discussed change of dates for February Iotron run

    • Drop off dates for the first run are Tuesday, February 14 through Thursday, Feb 16, 2017

    • A second run will happen Monday, March 27 to through Thursday March 30, 2017

    • Details regarding equipment preparation and payment can be found at: https://richmondbeekeepersca.wordpress.com/club-activities/iotron/

  1. Don Studinski Workshop

    • Tim Monaghan discussed attendance and the change of location for the Don Studinski workshop. The new location is BCIT. Details can be found on the RBA website

    • Workshop is being held on Saturday Feb. 25th 8:30 – 4:30. The cost to $55 for RBA members, $60 for non RBA members

  1. BCHPA Semi-Annual

    • Jeff Lee discussed the BCHPA Semi-Annual Conference being held in Kamloops on March 10th – 11th. Conference will feature speakers Mike Palmer and Jeff Wilson, among others, and attendees are encouraged to book ahead to secure accommodations

    • Cost is $75 for BCHPA members, and $115 for non members

    • 2017 Annual BCHPA AGM will be held in Kelowna

  1. Liberian Beekeepers

    • Eric Crosby discussed the 2 Liberian beekeepers who will be visiting BC for 5 weeks in spring to learn queen rearing and making nucs/splits

    • Eric is looking for donations for their organization. With a donation Eric could demonstrate splitting with donor’s hive

    • Liberian guests will be speaking at RBA meeting in May 2017.

  1. Bees and Beers

    • Shaidah Karim is coordinating

    • Bees and Beers meeting is held every fourth Tuesday of the month

    • February 28th meeting will be held at Craft Beer Market in Olympic village

  1. Introduction of “New Bees”

    • 1 “New Bee” introduced

  1. Recognition of old executive – Fiona

    • Gifts were distributed to previous executive. Thanks for all your hard work!

  1. Coffee Break & Raffle

  1. Presentations

    • Jeff Lee, Amanda Goodman -Lee – Highlights of North American Beekeepers Conference in Galveston, Texas

    • Marta Guarna – Queen Bee Survival

  1. Motion to Adjourn: 9:44pm… Carried

  1. Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 14th 2017